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Design a better, safer, more comfortable and durable user-friendly covid face covering .

Roles: Fabrication Designer, Researcher, Production

The Challenge


Covid was everywhere. People were scared. Wearing a covid mask was required nearly everywhere in the U.S., and yet medical grade masks were in short supply. The U.S. government urged people to reserve them for medical professionals and those most in need. What was available for the majority of us offered minimal protection, and was riddled with flaws and complaints of discomfort from users. As a lifetime seamstress and a mother who needed to find quality masks for her family, I decided to take on the challenge of building a better face covering.



Research Goals
  • What are the processes and emotions that people experience around the problem my product is trying to solve?

  • What are the common user behaviors and experiences with tasks that my product is trying to address?

  • What are the user needs and frustrations as they relate to the product I am designing?


Case Study in Progress, Check Back Soon.

But Please feel free to browse the results below including an instructional video and 3D schematic animation.

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